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This post is for threading with Ling or Greed anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action wherever they may be or using the comm device.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
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Ling has feelings or something )


Both Greed and Envy are no longer in Luceti. Greed has left a sizable amount of alcohol that he expects us to consume. This includes you, Vash. He also left letters for those of us who knew him in Amestris.

[With that, he takes off to get some air. Only he... forgets to eat breakfast. So in places around town, you might find a teenage prince lying face flat on the ground, unconscious and with a gurgling stomach. Send help?

Fortunately, by that evening, he's all cleaned up and ready to go. Why? Well, he managed to score a date and this was the day they agreed on. It may seem like bad timing, but he's honestly grateful for it now. He needs a good distraction like this, even if isn't actually a romantic date. Either way, he's going to be ready to go meet up with Katara in the evening.]
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[Well, someone is getting married. Here, of all places! Ling thinks it's a bit reckless, but there's no harm in a little fun. So he devises a filter and doesn't even bother disguising his voice.]

[Filtered To Males Only]

Hello! My name is Ling Yao. I'm sure most of you heard about the recent wedding about to happen. I've been thinking about marriage myself. After all, I do have to eventually pick out fifty wives when I return home. But it wouldn't hurt to find someone here as well. I could be here for a very long time and Luceti does happen to have an exceptionally stunning population of women. So, what do you say that some of you suggest your top five most beautiful women for consideration. Feel free to elaborate on what makes them an excellent candidate for marriage.

And please, let's not get into the matters of Xingese politics. It's really just the way things are, so I'd rather not talk about it much.

[It would ruin the fun!]

(ooc: Please, please, please go all out with the thread jacking! I'm not even kidding. I want to see shit hijacked all over the place up in here. Hell, Ling himself might not even reply to some of these threads unless they interest him personally. Go wild, please! It'll be fun, honest.)
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Blah blah blah introspection )

[Today found Ling Yao on the roof of the grocery, two paper sacks of food on either side of him. It was all fresh food that required no preparation and that he could easily eat while collecting this thoughts. He was trying to distract himself with something else. Like. The journal. After finishing off another apple, he popped open the journal and stared at it thoughtfully.]

I suppose I've been here over a year now. Though I did vanish from here for a month, so I'm not entirely sure that counts. It does make the matter of my age confusing. I should probably be seventeen sometime around now, but my birthday was in January. [A whimsical sigh.] I suppose this means I missed out on getting the presents I would have wanted. It really is too sad.

Hm. House thirty-two looks nice. I bet it has a great view of the river.

[Which, in fact, he can be found at later. He really has grown tired of the community building. He wants a place that's brighter and has more windows. And a roof that isn't eight floors up. There's an ulterior motive as well. It puts him close to the Elrics and Hughes. With Envy around, he and Ran Fan were the only ones able to detect him when he was in disguise. It would be best for them to be close by. Just in case. Not to mention more opportunities to show up for Gracia's cooking. A bonus for being such a good neighbor.

In the meantime, he's also keeping an eye out for Ran Fan. It's time for a talk.]

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[Another day of rain. Ling usually likes to be out and about, spying on people from high places, and being a nuisance. But with all this rain, he's been spending quite a bit of his time in doors. He's practically stir crazy by now. So in boredom, he goes to the journal. Maybe some solidarity would help. Of course, this is kind of a line of question he doesn't want Ran Fan to see. It's something she doesn't need to see. Actually, no one from his world do. So he's going to lock them out, okay.]

[Locked Against Castmates]

There's probably more royalty here than there normally would be in a population this size. That's a little strange, don't you think? But since there seems to be plenty of us, I have a question for you. What kind of sacrifices have you made being who you are? Are there things you have denied yourself for the good of your people? Or maybe things you've lost or people who have spent their lives for yours lives.

[Wow that's a little deeper than he intended, so he derails into lighter territory.]

Well, you don't have to tell me all the details. I'm just interested how other rulers feel about that. I'm sure people will think I'm spoiled for saying it, but being a king isn't always what it's cracked up to be. In fact, I hear crowns can be rather heavy.


Seven days of no sun, five days of it with rain. Is anyone else starting to miss the sunshine?

[If you want to find Ling in person, he can be found.... AT HOME. Screw this rain! He's not going out there. Except for maybe a food run. And okay maybe he'll show up at the Battle Dome, staring at the controls as he tries to work out how to use them. He doesn't come in here often and he can never remember how to get a simulation running. LIFE IS HARD.]
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[Ling's return to Luceti is not at all graceful. He wakes up with a start behind a building, his mind in chaos. Like a million crawling creatures everywhere and it takes every ounce of self control to not start clawing at his own skull. There was no mystery about what happened, at least not to him. But this time it was different. It was all chaos, without order, countless souls vying for control.

He couldn't even think straight. Or be sure his thoughts were even his own.

When he stumbles into the plaza at night, he looks almost like a mad man. His hair is undone and wild, his teeth are clenched, his eyes sometimes opened and looking desperate. He stumbles anywhere he goes and he's not fit to be out in the snow, what with his lack of shoes and open jacket with an exposed chest. He's trying to make his way back home, but he can't really think straight or reason where it even is. So it will take him some time to be able to even find it.]
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[So, one of the things Ling does now and then is dive into the journal archives, to the time before he was here. As it turns out, a very interesting time to read is February of each year. The fourteenth itself seems to stick out in particular. It looks like fun fun fun. (In the sun sun sun).]

Apparently each February, a month from now, there's a holiday known as Valentine's. A love holiday, which is nice enough, but apparently the Malnosso are really fond of it. They seem to like to make sure that people fall in love with each other. Usually the first person you talk to on a journal of that day. So, with that in mind...

Are they are any pretty women who would like me to be the first person they talk to in a month? We'll fall in love, get married, and you can become my empress. I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about! So, what do you say? Anyone in?

[YUP. LING IS TERRIBLE. But trolling is how he rolls, folks. Today is like any other day, though. He goes to Seventh Heaven today, ordering all of page 3 on the menu for lunch. He does some training in the barracks, blindfolded, in order to keep himself sharp. If he's not out in the open being loud and annoying, he's in the shadows being mysterious and quiet. Just. Waiting. For you to do something interesting. Usual Ling things.

That night though, on his way back to the Yao Clan Apartment, he is accosted. BY METAL MEN. He fights valiantly but yeah, he totally gets his ass kicked. He didn't have a chance. He leaves a little blood, his sword, and his journal. As for his special little vial of souls? He still has that with him.]

((ooc: forward dated to tomorrow, the 14th. See? I edited the date! He gets kidnapped at the end of the day, but he's available to chat or action it up anytime before that!))
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This weather is starting to disagree with me. [Sniff.] I suppose I shouldn't have waited so long to get some warmer clothes. Now I'm not sure I'll even have the strength to go out and find something to eat.

[So. He'll probably just die here in his room from having a cold. If only he had a retainer to look after him!]

I don't suppose magic is any good for runny noses, is it?

[Yup. Being slightly sick sucks. Because even though he's only marginally ill and not at full strength, he's still fishing for anybody who would be willing to come and deliver him hot, delicious food with little effort on his part. But there is one other thing!]

[Filtered from Kairi]

I could also use an artist. Just for a small favor.
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There seem to be many people leaving, lately. Dozens of people will arrive within a month, yet the population of this village never seems to grow. Not for long, anyway. Does it upset people that people leave or is about being left behind? I'm starting to think there are people who simply don't plan on leaving this place.

[Maybe it's just something Ling just doesn't understand. If Ran Fan was here, he'd rather have her sent back home. He could never allow him to be so selfish as to want her to stay. Yet, he wonders, what would he do if Fu was here. Or even Greed. That would be different, then. Cruel, even. Oh well. His tone becomes more upbeat and careless as he continues.]

Personally, I'm enjoying the vacation! As much food as I like, beautiful women everywhere, and I even had a chance to be a villain last month. So far, it's hard to find anything to complain about since I was brought back here. I lasted here for five months before. I wonder if I'll manage to do it a second time. Maybe I'll even double it.

[All this from someone who fought in a draft where Luceti lost. He's really bad at saying what he actually feels.]

[Today, like many days, Ling is doing his normal sorts of things in Luceti. At the barracks, he'll rid himself of his jacket so he can go through his rigorous training exercises, just as he once learned from Fu. It's how Ling is able to eat like a pig and not look like one. When that's all finished, he'll pig out at Seventh Heaven. Afterwards, it's time for his favorite activity, creeping on his buddies. If he finds them in the middle of doing something interesting, whether they're at home or about, he'll just drop in on them out of nowhere. Through the window, even. Because spying on people is totally okay.]
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[The voice message that goes over the journals is somewhat ominous and hints of a hidden evil ambition. Ling may be offering something nice, but it's all a clever trap to capture a princess and force her to marry him.]

I understand there are several vulnerable princesses here in Luceti. It's really a shame they're all so defenseless. If any of you beautiful ladies wish to be safe, I'd be happy to provide some protection.

[In the meantime, Ling will be prowling around, playing the part of a villain and dressed up a bit like this, complete with a sweeping cape. Beyond looking for princesses, he may be on the look out for something that could provide him the power to take over and rule Luceti once and for all.]

((ooc: He's in a vague Jafar sort of role, though he won't quite be back to normal until his own story plays out (which is reserved for a certain set of ninjas. But he can kidnap any other princess and be thwarted as many times as needed!))
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[When Ling found himself walking the streets of Luceti again, he couldn't help but feel slightly amused to find himself back in this place, almost as if he'd never left. Strange how he had thought it was all a 'dream', but never an important one. Clearly it was very important now. After situating himself with some clothing, managing to find something similar to his old Xingese clothing, he sits himself down at the fountain and decides to make it known he's back. With a question, of course.]

I wonder if this place really is just a dream after all. It would explain a lot of things. But more important, are there any new restaurants here since I left? I liked the Okonomiyaki. The pizzas weren't bad either. But a little more variety would be nice. Is the bakery still open?
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[Action - anytime from the 11th to 16th]

[You know what's hard? EATING. Ling has a bad habit of, you know, not doing that sometimes. The arrival of Greed's old gang, Ed coming out of a coma, and the various other odd and unusual things have led Ling to, quite unfortunately, skipping meals. And when he does that, he crashes hard. Which is why throughout the week at any given time, he can be found collapsed, face first, in the dirt. Food? He needs it.

On the other hand, he might just be faking it for a free meal.

((Thus feel free to be as time breaky as you like or just pick a convenient day and time.))

When Greed isn't rolling his eyes at Ling's apparent ineptness at getting food, he's walking tall and proud about Luceti, feeling more confident now that he has henchmen. Until now, he really had nothing of value around. Just that brat, Edward. One thing he's doing is scoping out houses. An apartment is way too little for someone like Greed to settle for, especially if he's letting his henchmen live with him. He's going to need something big and can hold a lot of people. Consequently he's in and out of a lot of houses. Or just peering into a lot of windows to make sure they're unoccupied first.

Also, there's a voice message today (the 13th!) from Ling. Despite the topic, it's very matter of fact and blunt.]

[Voice - Today!]

How old does someone need to be to get married? For that matter, how long should they know each other by then? [And then because he's a troll:] And how many wives is too many?
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[Damn shitty town. What does a man with few possessions do? He ends up in the shops, looking at the things he can take. The clothes, the food, the weapons, the furniture... they have no intrinsic value here. So as he peruses the stores, he finds himself disinclined to picked up anything but the essentials. There's no point in taking more than what he needs, given how it's all so worthless here.

When it comes right down to it, the only things of value he has now is his one possession... Edward Elric. What a joke of a town this place is. After boring himself with pointless shopping, he decides he'd rather talk than look at all the things he could easily have. The voice over the journals is not the same as the one for people who met Greed. What sounded like a teenager is now the voice of what sounds like a man.]

Call me curious, but after meeting another person like me, how many other Homonculi are around here? Generally speaking there's not many like me at home and we don't get one that well these days. But the one I met seemed a little different. So maybe there's some more people like me kicking around here.

[Not something he'd normally talk about, but both he and Ling have never been the secretive types. And this could yield some useful information to him. He's never particularly had a problem being what he is. He relishes it, in fact. So he's not lonely. Just bored.]
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[Today it's Ling. Squinted eyes, youthful voice, and all smiles. He's been in Luceti for... well, awhile now. But he's mostly been keeping to himself, suppressed by Greed usually, as they try to work out how to get out of here. So far? Nothing. Unlike that time 'inside' Gluttony, Ed has proved himself to be remarkably useless in this situation. Go figure.

Well, Greed is going to let Ling do his thing, maybe see if the royal brat can find out more than he can. Which means Ling will finally stop in on that house that Ed moved into. Maybe just hang around outside, listening in, and slipping into windows when something interesting happens. Doesn't matter if they're people he's never met before. They're from Amestris, right? Here in Luceti, that has to mean something, right?

In any case, introductions are in order. Over the journals.]

Hello everyone. I'm Ling Yao, twelfth prince of Xing. I realize of course that doesn't sound like much. You may have already met Greed. If you think he looks a lot like me, don't worry, he's not a secret twin brother. We're just sharing the same body right now. [Yup, there's no sense in pretending Greed doesn't exist or that they aren't in the situation they are. Greed wouldn't stand for it and neither would Ling. So this? Open and honest. And because Ling finds it a tad amusing to just be so direct about it.]

Oh right, I'd like to speak to someone from the smithy about having a sword made. I haven't had one handy for months now. Since money isn't a problem here, now is as good as any time to fix that problem.

[Aside from trolling the FMA house, Ling will also make an appearance at Seventh Heaven. He's showing that he's capable of putting away a ton of food. Of course, in Luceti, that isn't a remotely unusual trait.]

((ooc: Also! For Ling's chi sensing ability, please respond here, please? If you plan to hit him with action tags anyway.))
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This post is for threading with Ling anytime and anywhere. It can be used for Action or the Ring feature on journals to get in contact with him for personal conversations.

Note: When making a new thread, please title it like such:

[Action, January 3rd]
[Voice, March 8th]
[Written, June 11th]


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Here lies Ling's collection of different information, factoids, and so forth.

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